A Best Guide to Canada Visa Photos: Requirements and Tips


When applying for a visa to visit or immigrate to Canada, one of the essential requirements is a valid visa photo. A Canada visa photo is not the same as a regular passport photo, as it has specific requirements that must be met. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary information and tips for obtaining a Canada visa photo that meets the requirements set by the Canadian government.

Canada Visa Photos

Requirements for Canada Visa Photos

Meeting the specific requirements for a Canada visa photo is crucial to ensure that your application is not rejected due to an incorrect or non-compliant photo. Here are the key requirements to keep in mind:

  1. Size: The photo should be 35mm x 45mm (1.38″ x 1.77″).
  2. Background: The background should be plain white or off-white, without any patterns or shadows.
  3. Expression: The applicant should have a neutral facial expression, with both eyes open and looking directly at the camera.
  4. Head Position: The head should be centered and positioned directly facing the camera. The face should occupy 70-80% of the photo.
  5. Attire: The applicant should not wear a hat or any head covering unless it is worn for religious or medical reasons. However, the face must be clearly visible, and the head covering should not cast any shadows.
  6. Glasses: If the applicant wears glasses, they should be transparent and not obstruct the eyes. Avoid any glare or reflections on the lenses.
  7. Photo Quality: The photo should be clear, sharp, and printed on high-quality photo paper. It should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi.

Tips for a Successful Canada Visa Photo

Here are some additional tips to ensure that your Canada visa photo meets the requirements and enhances your application:

  • Choose a professional photographer: It is recommended to have your visa photo taken by a professional photographer who is familiar with the specific requirements for Canada visa photos.
  • Follow the guidelines carefully: Pay close attention to the guidelines provided by the Canadian government and ensure that your photo meets each requirement.
  • Avoid shadows and glare: Make sure that there are no shadows or glare on your face or in the background of the photo. This can be achieved by using proper lighting and a plain background.
  • Keep a neutral expression: Maintain a neutral facial expression, with your mouth closed and eyes open. Avoid smiling or frowning.
  • Remove any accessories: Take off any accessories, such as earrings or necklaces, that may obstruct or cast shadows on your face.
  • Check the photo before submission: Before submitting your visa application, double-check the photo to ensure it meets all the requirements. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Canada Visa Photos

Where to Get Canada Visa Photos

Canada visa photos can be obtained from various sources:

  1. Professional Photographers: Visit a professional photography studio that specializes in visa and passport photos. They will ensure that your photo meets all the necessary requirements.
  2. Photo Booths: Some photo booths are equipped to capture visa and passport photos that comply with the specific guidelines.
  3. Online Services: Several online platforms offer the convenience of taking your visa photo at home and delivering it to your doorstep. However, ensure that the service you choose is reliable and meets the requirements.

In Conclusion

Obtaining a Canada visa photo that meets the specific requirements is crucial for a successful visa application. By following the guidelines, choosing a professional photographer, and double-checking your photo before submission, you can ensure that your visa application process goes smoothly. Remember, attention to detail can make a significant difference in the outcome of your visa application. Good luck!

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